Sales Acceleration

ENT offers numerous technological business solutions in varying fields. Among our most prominent solutions are those in the field of Sales Acceleration:

ENT's Online Real-time Marketing Solution

Capitalizing on Online Investments

ENT's Online Real-time Marketing solution enables bi-directional collaborative browsing, assisting companies in the new customer acquisition, closing deals and providing an improved online customer service experience.

Providing an answer to companies disappointed by the extremely low number of customers using their online services, ENT's patented solution combines collaboration with robust analytics and other functionality that specifically addresses two critical business problems existing in the e-finance market:

Online to offline conversion of complex products such as: mortgages, insurance, investments and home equities.

Online sign-ups for e-finance products such as, online bill payments, PC banking or account aggregation.

Already installed in Fortune 500 institutions across the US – such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Siebel, Barclays, Strong Funds, JD Edwards, and others – the solution delivers measurable benefits, including:

10% - 30% acceptance of proactive invitations

Conversion rates 2x-4x higher than unassisted rates

Increased customer satisfaction

Top 2 box scores 85%+

Increased tendency to buy due to the enhanced experience

ENT's Point of Sale Add-On Solution

Immediate Increase in Retail Sales and Profits

ENT's Point of Sale Add-On solution allows retailers to intensify their efforts to increase sales and profits by visually presenting tailor-made offers directly to their customers.

The solution enables retailers to market, in real time, to each customer at various places throughout the store. Along with high impact marketing messages, customers obtain greater value in the form of targeted savings, on-site entertainment, convenience and personalized service.

By offering customers substitute "deals" in lieu of change from the current transaction, or by rounding the amount due up to a rounded figure at the point of sale counter, the solution has shown in real-world installations that 30%-50% of customers will often accept the “deal” for an additional item, instead of the change due. Additionally, the solution's Visual Display increases customer satisfaction and generates direct and measurable incremental sales and profits for the retailer.

The ENTPoint of Sale Add-On solution uses patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to reduce initial and on-going setup and maintenance costs, while optimizing results across all applications, stores and brands to maximize sales and profits and the overall customer experience.

Already installed at large nationwide fast-food chains like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Church’s, Popeye's and others, the solution display, as part of the store’s Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware and software, can increase store sales by 3%-5% and profits by up to 30%.