RadioShack Case Study

The Business

Fort Worth-based RadioShack Corporation is the most trusted consumer electronics specialty retailer in the US.

Guided by its vision to be the most powerful one-stop shop to connect people with the wonders of modern technology, RadioShack offers name-brand, cutting-edge consumer electronics, including the latest innovations in electronics and communications, wireless phones, direct-to-home satellite systems and home-networking solutions.

RadioShack’s knowledgeable sales associates in 7,000-plus neighborhood stores are uniquely equipped to explain and demystify new technologies that need exposure and explanation in order for customers to understand and embrace them. In addition, the company’s extensive manufacturing capabilities enable vendors to develop and bring innovative technologies to market in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The Challenge

As part of its strategic "Worldwide Innovation" initiative, and in an effort to continue aggressive new business innovation with the aim of tapping into emerging growth opportunities, RadioShack required assistance in sourcing “best-of-breed” technologies.

The sourced technology would be used to build domestic and international markets in a timely, cost-effective fashion – and thus needed to be both innovative and highly commercially viable. RadioShack needed a sourcing service to filter the thousands of technological options, delivering only the most viable and commercial technologies for their consideration.

The Solution

With an intimate understanding of the potential market value of Israeli technology to RadioShack's target audience, ENT approached RadioShack at the highest level, making the case for Israel as a strategic source of technology. RadioShack then chose ENT as the sole sourcing company for the Israeli market, to help them in channeling unique Israeli technologies into the worldwide marketplace.

Working on a success-based model, ENT leverages its vast ICT(INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY) and hi-tech experience and high-level access to the best solutions that the Israeli hi-tech industry has to offer. With in-house technological and business expert resources, ENT works to identify, analyze, select, and evaluate for RadioShack the cream of Israeli technologies - filtering solutions carefully and delivering only solutions with viable market value for RadioShack.

The Benefits

Working closely with RadioShack, ENT has already delivered numerous technological solutions. RadioShack has identified the commercial promise of Israeli technology, and ENT is helping them realize this promise in a timely and cost-effective manner.


“Israel offers a highly trained base of high-tech professionals that are continually on the cutting-edge of technologies and products and related accessories. E.N.T. gives us a strong presence in that region to help facilitate our strategy of dominating cost-effective solutions to meet everyone’s routine electronics needs and families’ distinct electronics wants. This is essential as we strive to identify and integrate new technologies that will help transform our business in the years to come.”

-- Leonard Roberts, chairman and chief executive officer of RadioShack Corporation.