Financial Management

ENT offers numerous exceptional technological business solutions in varying fields. Among our outstanding solutions are those in the field of Financial Management:

Financial Resources Management Solution

An Eye on Integrated Financial Flow

ENT's Financial Resources Management Solution (FRM) is an innovative treasury management solution, allowing the management of current cash flow, forecast future positioning and seizing opportunities in real-time.

FRM provides financial resources management solutions in a secure real-time environment, enabling organizations to maximize profit while minimizing resources waste. FRM is a modular, multi-system product that meets the needs of today's financial decision-makers. Based on Internet architecture, the FRM suite enables integration between disparate systems, providing an optimum financial management solution for:

E-commerce integration - interfaces with accounting and logistic applications and pools all information regarding banks, suppliers, customers and General ledgers and accounts into one secure central database.

Automatic retrieval of all banking data and ERP information for monitoring and managing the entire life cycle of any transaction.

Cash flow management across multiple currencies.

Projecting future cash positions in the long- and short-term using actual and forecasted cash flows.

Treasury reconciliation - reconciling bank statements across different banks.

Risk Management - provides an integrated corporate Risk Management that allows active monitoring and management of Credit and market risk positions.

Assessing risk profile by simulating market conditions using what-if, value and sensitivity analyses and providing recommendations accordingly.

Efficient maintenance of loans as well as deposits - monitors deadlines and evaluates positions and returns in the short- and long-term.

FRM is already installed in hundreds of the large Israeli companies, such as Coca Cola, Motorola, Partner Telecom, The Weitzman Institute, Migdal Insurance and others.

Account Aggregation and Marketing Solution

Personalized Marketing through Secured Aggregation Service

ENT's Account Aggregation and Marketing Solution is a unique service providing financial institutions with the ability to offer personalized marketing based on comprehensive and reliable financial information.

The solution uses advanced aggregation technology to reach out to pre-defined user accounts at different financial institutions. Constantly updated, the solution displays the aggregated information in the form of a comprehensive financial customer profile, and then employs patent-pending technology to create personalized marketing offers based on this profile.

The solution's Data Driven Direct Marketing Platform responds to the following Financial Institution needs:

Offering competitive account aggregation services, based on actual financial profiles.

Marketing attractive offers to relevant customers at the right time, by targeting data driven marketing.

Cross-selling products.

Increasing market share – retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

Strengthening brand awareness.

The Account Aggregation and Marketing Solution accomplishes all of these functions while maintaining customer confidentiality and employing state-of-the-art security mechanisms to safeguard sensitive information. Several major Israeli banks - The First International Bank of Israel, Discount Bank and others - are already benefiting from the solution, which operates on their respective web sites.