China Technology Horizons and Trade

The Vision and Mission In 2009, a formal agreement was signed between E.N.T – Exceptional New Technologies Ltd. and MRK – the Nanjing Science and Technology, Software and Outsourcing Industrial Parks, with the challenge of basing Nanjing as a focal point for the activities of the Israeli companies dealing in the research and development of knowledge intensive technologies and products, alongside other traditional industries and to guarantee them the range of services required to realize the technological and industrial vision and the successful introduction into the fastest growing and developing market in the world.
E.N.T. – Exceptional New Technologies Ltd., and Amiram Shore, who serves as Chairman and CEO of the company, was appointed as the representative in Israel of the MRK Group from the City of Nanjing, which is the owner and administrator of the science park in the city, officially known as the Nanjing International Science and Technology Software and Outsourcing Industrial Parks, as well as MRK Science and Technology Development Company Ltd., with the objective of promoting and developing China – Israel bilateral technologies, trade and research and development of IT, education, hi-tech and other sectors.
In addition, Amiram Shore was granted the status of Scientific and Technological Consultant to the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and a Consultant for Nanjing Software Industry Development.
The idea is to establish, in China, a company that will initiate and promote business and trade in the field of the hi-tech, software and other traditional industries, based on Israeli know how and industrial expertise, and based on a unique relationship between E.N.T. and the Nanjing Scientific and Technological Industry.
Joint collaboration between ENT Exceptional New Technologies Ltd. and MRK Science and Technology Development Company Ltd. has formed the correct formula to expedite and increase the success rate of the introduction of Israeli based companies to the Chinese market The fields in which cooperation can be embarked on within the framework of the joint company are:

Outsourcing in software development projects

Joint projects in research and development Early stage – the Pilot Stage (seed stage) Advanced R & D Stage (after pilot – interim stage) Ongoing manufacture and sales (mature companies)

Establishing of joint enterprises at the Nanjing Hi-tech Park (hi-tech and software projects)

Establishing of joint legacy enterprises at other Nanjing Industrial Parks

Companies looking to use China / Nanjing to service their existing markets.

Companies entering into China to tap its domestic market